Hire Me

I am available for hire for the following services:

  • Global feedback and light to heavy line-editing on stories, essays and articles, and book-length manuscripts
  • Copyediting of any kind
  • Research assistance (I am a librarian by day!)
  • Classes and presentations on writing (the craft and the business)
  • Writing by request (essays, stories, articles, and some copywriting)

Some considerations when deciding if I am the right person for you:

  • I am a published author of short stories and essays in venerated print publications such as Carolina Quarterly and Washington Square Review.
  • I am a librarian with a Masters degree in Library Science with professional research skills and the ability to efficiently search to your specific needs.
  • I am also a children’s librarian with 10+ years of specific expertise in children’s literature in the following categories: picture books, readers, early chapter books, elementary and middle-grade fiction and non-fiction, and young adult fiction. So if you’ve written a book for children and need a reader for feedback, I am an excellent choice.
  • Lastly, I do not have an MFA. But I have successfully built my writing career through participating in and leading critique groups, networking and reading widely, and by prioritizing my daily writing practice. All this to say, it can be done. And if you would like my help, I’m happy to help.

To get a quote for my services (or to simply get in touch), please fill out the form below or contact me at lisa.k.bubert(at)gmail.com.

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