Full List of Publications

Stories and Prose:


“The Coma,” forthcoming from Natural Bridge (Fall 2020)

“Woman Hollering,” forthcoming from Puerto del Sol (August 2020)

“Kitten,” Pidgeonholes (August 2019)

“Stone Baby,” Washington Square Review (Spring 2019, Issue 43)

“What Comes Tomorrow,” South 85 Journal (Fall 2018)

“Dead Trees,” wildness (Winter 2017)

“Formation,”   Carolina Quarterly (Fall/Winter 2017, Volume 67.1)

“How to Leave a Place You Love,” Spartan (Spring 2017)

“Strange Birds,” Barnstorm Journal (Winter 2016)

“A Hand For Your Hip,” Drunk Monkeys (Summer 2016)

The Dear You Letters


“Apologies to an Old Friend,” “My Red Wheelbarrow,” & “Morning by the Pool with the Only One Left,” — Typehouse Magazine, Issue 10 (Fall 2016)

“At the Tomb of the Unknown” & “Backdrop,” — Muddy River Poetry Review (Fall 2016)

“Texas Life Story, Six Words,” — Gnarled Oak (Spring 2016)

“We Are Hardly Religious,” & “Keeping Warm,” — Eunoia Review (2011)

On Writing: 

A 1400-character interview on writing with Carolina Quarterly (February 2020) 

“What My Tattoo Artist Taught Me About Writing Critique,” a craft essay for LitReactor (February 2020) 

“Knowing When to Fly: Leaving a Critique Group,” a craft essay for Jane Friedman (Spring 2019)

“Three Secrets To Create The Writing Life You Want,” a craft essay at Cleaver Magazine (Winter 2019)

“In Conversation with Poet and Writing Coach Joan Gelfand,” an interview at the Lit Pub (Summer 2019)

Writers Ask: Dear You

Pitched and Published: 

“7 Small But Impactful Ways You and Your Family Can Help Your Community Right Now,” coronavirus coverage for SheKnows (March 2020) 

“5 Comfort Reads to Remind You of the World’s Resilience,” LitReactor (March 2020)